«Encre noire et Blanche» by Laurent Briet

By 1 diciembre, 2015 Art, Exposiciones, News

Laurent F. Briet is a visual artist whose work in music videos, commissioned by such artist as Aphex Twin, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beyoncé, and The Strokes to name a few, has been acclaimed internationally for over a decade. Since his recent relocation to Barcelona, he rekindled with his passion for photography.

Encre Noire et Blanche.

Blanche and I had just met when we decided to work together on the series. Retrospectively, it is obvious that we used the project to study one another but ultimately learned about ourselves.

The work captured Blanche’s full range of emotions as she was subjecting herself to my directions. Vulnerable, self conscious, conflicted, submissive, empowered, her body and mind pushed to their limits.

The exploration lasted for months after the shoot, where painting and photography merged as one.
In the end the process transcended the intent and over 40 pieces were created.


> Photo experiment by Laurent F. Briet.
Opening 20h.

> Musical performance by Raynald Colom

> After-SHow by B-Side BCN.